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Beam properties

The typical job requires the calculation of high energy muon transportation through a depth of water of the order of 2 km. Muons should be considered at different energy and angles. For simplicity we shall consider particles at normal incidence with respect to the water surface. The muon beam can be point-like in cross section, and the energy can vary between few hundres of GeV to many TeV's. It can be considered convenient, also for book-keeping purposes, to steer the primary (muon) properties by means of the BEAM and BEAMPOS cards, performing different, separated, runs according to the muon energy and angle. In this way there is no need to prepare a user specific source code (namely adapting the SOURCE routine contained in the source.f file). In view of the design of the geometry description, we can also choose the default propagation of primary particles along the positive Z axis.

Giuseppe Battistoni 平成17年3月7日