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Managing the output files

The total number of handled cases must be checked in the seamu00n.out files. The number of survived muons will be given by the number of entries in the ntupla. In fig. 2 we show the plot of muon residual energy and in fig. 3 we plot the distribution of transverse coordinates of survived muons at detection level.

図 2: Distribution of residual energy of survived muons (E$_0$ = 1 TeV) at the depth of 1 km of sea water
\mbox{\epsfig{file=eres.eps, width=12cm}}

図 3: Distribution of the X, Y coordinate of survived muons (E$_0$ = 1 TeV at detection level (1 km of sea water).
\mbox{\epsfig{file=xy.eps, width=12cm}}

These plots can be obtained by means of a simple ``kumac'' like the following one:

* merging hbook ntuples
nt/hmerge seamu.his seamu001_hbk.his seamu002_hbk.his seamu003_hbk.his
his/fil 1 seamu.his
* checking the content of the ntupla
nt/print 100
* booking the 1D histogram of residual energy
1dh 10 ' ' 100 0. 1000. 0.
* projecting on the histogram
 nt/proj 10 100.eres
 his/plo 10	
 atit  'E?[m]! GeV'
* booking a 2D histogram of X vs Y muon coordinates
 2dh 20 ' ' 100 -200. 200. 100 -200. 200. 0.
 nt/proj 20 100.ymu%xmu
 opt nsta
 h/plo 20 surf2
 atit 'X (m)' 'Y (m)'

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