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: Description of the problem

Using CERN Library inside FLUKA:
generation of HBOOK output

G. Battistoni

INFN, Milano

This note describes with some detail a simple case in which FLUKA is linked to the CERN library in order to provide a widely spread output file, like a basic ntupla of HBOOK. At the same time, the case presented here gives an example on how to make us of the MGDRAW routine to access track information and generate a non standard FLUKA output tailored to users's needs.

1) MGDRAW is to be used by advanced users, and, generally, CANNOT BE USED WHEN BIASING IS ACTIVATED.
2) When the user is interested in the multigroup low energy neutron transport, SIMPLE HISTOGRAMMING, like the standard HBOOK case here described, IS MEANIGLESS.

For the above cases, only the standard FLUKA output, followed, if needed, by offline post-processing prepared by the user, can avoid the introduction of technical mistakes.

Giuseppe Battistoni INFN, Milano